Senior Care Transportation Services

One of the greatest ways for seniors to maintain their independence is the ability to get where they need to when they want. But physical or mental limitations can limit ability to drive, take public transportation, or find other means of travel. These struggles often cause many elderly individuals to feel trapped and dependent on others. To help the seniors of the greater Sacramento area, Craig Cares provides trusted senior care transportation services. Our team can arrange daily, weekly, or other regular transportation to ensure that you or your loved ones are able to complete daily tasks with as much independence as possible.

Daily Tasks and Living Made Easier

Our entire team of staff and caregivers are dedicated to helping our clients maintain and even improve their current quality of life for as long as possible. We’re happy to provide regular transportation with friendly service and patience. With our services, clients can:

  • Avoid getting lost while out and about
  • Limit time spent traveling alone without physical or emotional support
  • Avoid becoming overwhelmed and unable to complete tasks


From daily runs to the bank, trips to the library, picking up items at the cleaners, and other tasks, we’re happy to help seniors complete all things on their to-do lists safely and conveniently.


In addition to meal planning and preparation, our caregivers are happy to help seniors complete shopping for all groceries as well as restock household supplies with all necessities and daily comforts.

Doctor Appointments

Regular checkups and medical visits are vital for lasting health. Our team is happy to coordinate care for seniors with all medical professionals as well provide transportation to and from appointments.

Fun Outings

While living at home can provide comfort and stability, it’s still vital to get out of the house and experience the world. We’re happy to provide rides to and plan fun activities for our clients, their friends, and family.

Discuss Your Options

Contact our team today to discuss how regular senior care transportation services can help you or a loved one maintain independence and a sense of fulfillment.

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