About Us

The In Home Care Agency You Need

In 2002, Craig Falk founded Craig Cares because he wanted to provide the best in home care services for seniors in the greater Sacramento area. He’d already worked in the healthcare industry for over 11 years and wanted to build a company with a mission and services focused on patience, compassion, and integrity. For over 15 years, our in home care agency has embraced these qualities, maintaining the dignity of every senior we care for as we help them maintain the highest level of independence and comfort possible. To do this we focus on three key objectives:

  • Providing the highest level of training and screening for all staff to ensure our team can provide for all the unique needs of seniors
  • Treating our caregivers and office staff with the generosity, respect, and appreciation that they deserve and expect

1. Our Mission

We strive to provide the intimate, hands-on care that seniors in the greater Sacramento area need to complete the activities of daily living with dignity and all possible independence.

2. Our Services

We provide a full range of transportation, personal care, housekeeping, dementia care, nutritional services, pet care, and other services, so we can meet every senior’s needs.

3. Our Caregivers

Our caregivers are the highest compensated in the region, ensuring that we’re able to maintain low turnover and retain the highly experienced, compassionate companions our clients need.

24/7 Service

With advanced monitoring, live in care, and 24/7 concierge services, we’re always available to provide the best care at any time of day.

No Deposit

Unlike many other senior care agencies, we do not require a deposit or lengthy contract for our services—only 24-hour notice.

Proven Experience

We have served families like yours for over 15 years and built a lasting reputation with our compassionate and highly trained team.

Concierge Services

You’re able to reach a member of our team and not a machine 24/7 to arrange home and personal care.

Live In Care

We understand that some seniors need round-the-clock care. We offer live-in services to ensure proper attention and safety throughout the night.

Low Turnover

Our caregivers are the highest paid in the region, ensuring better working relationships, low turnover, and lasting companionship.

Difficult Cases

Our team is able to work with seniors who present challenging behaviors and families with unique or difficult dynamics.

Insurance Billing

Craig Cares is one of the few in home care agencies that will bill long-term insurance providers for your convenience and peace of mind.

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