Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

In addition to staying in the comfort of their own home, many seniors find the companionship of pets to provide a great deal of fulfillment and desired routine for their lives. But it’s essential that these pets receive the regular attention, exercise, and feeding they need to thrive. While many elderly clients have a hard time taking care of their own basic needs, it can be even more difficult for them to properly care for their beloved pets. In the greater Sacramento area, the highly trained caregivers from Craig Cares provide the friendly, gentle senior pet care these animals need. Our clients’ pets stay healthy and happy and offer loving companionship to seniors for years to come.

We understand that pets are a part of the family, and our team will treat your pets like our own. We are known for patience, compassion, and integrity, and will never treat any pet like an afterthought. We recognize their importance in the lives of our clients and want to make sure they remain a positive touchstone.

Caring for Pets, No Easy Task

With age and health issues, it can become increasingly difficult for our clients to provide the proper care and attention their pets want and need. Certain habits and qualities can make for tricky situations, such as:

  • Larger pets can become difficult to manage for more frail individuals
  • Clients with memory loss may not remember to care for pets
  • Health issues can make physical activity with animals difficult
  • Arranging and receiving veterinary care can become a struggle
  • Cleaning up after pets and emptying litter boxes is physically demanding


We’ll make sure that little critters receive the recommended food and water daily and ensure that any special dietary requirements are met.

Walking & Exercise

Animals need regular exercise to avoid conditions like diabetes and obesity. To keep your pets healthy, we can arrange regular walks and play time.

Clean Up

While many love pets, most don’t love their messes. Our caregivers can empty litter boxes and remove fur and any unpleasant surprises left behind.

Vet Appointments

Regular health checkups are just as vital for pets as owners. We’ll make sure animals receive all routine and necessary veterinary care quickly.

Discuss Your Options

Contact our team today to discuss how we can best make sure your beloved pets are properly cared for day in and day out.

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