Medication Reminders

Medication Reminders for Seniors

In a recent study, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) found that 85{8a8ba9c21abe4a491c129dc587a54510c07ac47e8ad4bbf825832b959b20ea60} of adults over the age of 50 have taken prescription medication in the last five years, and that 86{8a8ba9c21abe4a491c129dc587a54510c07ac47e8ad4bbf825832b959b20ea60} of adults 65 years of age or older were currently taking a prescription medication on a regular basis. These medications can provide life-saving benefits for those suffering from serious conditions and it’s vital that prescriptions are taken regularly. However, many seniors have a difficult time remembering to take their prescription, and if they are taking multiple prescriptions, it can be difficult to remember what dosage they should take, how often, and in what order. To help the elderly in the greater Sacramento area, the team at Craig Cares can provide regular medication reminders for seniors.

While segmented pill boxes, calendars, and electronic notifications can help maintain independent living, they are not always the most effective or user friendly. Not all seniors will adapt well with changing technology and remember how to use devices or notice a silent pill box. The best way to maintain healthy routines is with friendly, personal reminders. Our caregivers are the perfect solution. With regular in home services that focus on personal care, nutrition, and other vital daily tasks, we can easily maintain prescription schedules, provide transportation or help picking up medicine, and offer friendly medication reminders for the elderly.

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