Nutritional Services

Nutritional Services for the Elderly

The need to eat healthily doesn’t decrease as we age—in fact, it becomes even more vital. A balanced, nutritious diet is essential to help manage many age-related illnesses, improve the effectiveness of prescriptions, and to prevent serious health issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity. However, it can be difficult for seniors to manage their diet properly as cooking becomes more difficult, dental health decreases eating ability, and transportation becomes an issue due to disability or other concerns. To help ensure that the elderly of the greater Sacramento area receive proper meals that are nutritious and healthy, Craig Cares and our highly trained caregivers provide a range of nutritional services.

Statistics on Nutrition and the Elderly

Seniors hospitalized with malnutrition           40{8a8ba9c21abe4a491c129dc587a54510c07ac47e8ad4bbf825832b959b20ea60}
Malnourished patients with infection             64{8a8ba9c21abe4a491c129dc587a54510c07ac47e8ad4bbf825832b959b20ea60}
Population with nutrition-related illness        87{8a8ba9c21abe4a491c129dc587a54510c07ac47e8ad4bbf825832b959b20ea60}

Why Nutrition Matters

Research has shown that nutrition plays a major role in the health of seniors. Not only do many seniors consume an inappropriate amount of calories for their activity levels, but many do not eat a sufficient amount of protein or other nutrients necessary for basic body functions and health. At Craig Cares, we’re dedicated to helping our elderly clients maintain a healthy diet and improve their nutrition. We can even work with healthcare providers to ensure that customized diets based around unique health concerns are created and followed.

Meal Planning

Our caregivers can work with both clients’ preferences and medical recommendations to plan healthy meals that are both delicious and exciting options.

Grocery Shopping

We can arrange to have seniors join in grocery shopping runs or complete necessary errands ourselves to ensure healthy food items are available in the home.

Meal Preparation

Our friendly caregivers can prepare tasty meals that fit into various schedules. This ensures that our clients never forget to eat or rely on easy, unhealthy options.

Discuss Your Options

Contact our team today to discuss the unique meal planning and preparation we can provide. Craig Cares will ensure that you or your loved ones are able to enjoy nutritious meals for lasting health.

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