Senior Companionship

One of the biggest struggles for seniors who choose to remain living in their own homes is isolation. Unless friends, family, and other loved ones are nearby and regularly stop in, elderly individuals can quickly feel forgotten and cutoff. Seeking senior companionship may not be the first solution you think of, but Craig Cares can help connect you and your loved one with a compassionate, loving caregiver you need to find peace of mind and friendship. We have been serving the greater Sacramento area for over 15 years and are dedicated to providing not just someone to help around the home, but a true confidante and friend to each of our clients. When you seek for an elderly companion through Craig Cares, you can experience a number of unique benefits.

Find a True Companion

Craig Cares is dedicated to providing more than just physical support to seniors who need help. Our office staff and compassionate caregivers, are truly concerned about each client, and are happy to provide the elderly companion and emotional support our seniors need. Contact us today to find out how we can include you in our happy family of friends.

Choice of Caregiver

You are able to choose and schedule caregivers who you and your loved ones truly connect with, and are never stuck dealing with someone you merely tolerate.

Concierge Services

You can always reach an actual person from our office—not an answering machine. We’re also happy to schedule in-home hair appointments, dental cleanings, and more.

Organized Outings

Our caregivers are happy to plan and provide transportation to interesting and engaging activities that interest both seniors and their loved ones.

Dedicated Caregivers

We respect and appreciate our caregivers, and our high compensation helps guarantee that we secure the best individuals who enjoy what they do and stick around.

Trained and Screened

All our caregivers are thoroughly trained and screened, ensuring you will never have to deal with a less than trustworthy or uncaring companion.

Live In Care

Unlike many senior assistance agencies, we are able to offer live in care, so you will never have to worry about long lonely hours waiting for caregivers to show up.

Discuss Your Unique Needs

Contact us today to find out how Craig Cares can ensure you and your loved ones are able to maintain greater independence within the home with our personal care services.

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