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In Home Personal Care

One of the most stressful and debilitating challenges that comes with age is losing the ability to take care of personal hygiene and appearance. Not only can the inability to properly care for oneself lead to health issues, but many seniors keenly feel the loss of independence. To help the elderly remain in the comfort of their own homes and still maintain proper health and hygiene, our team provides compassionate, dignified personal care for clients throughout the greater Sacramento area.

Our highly trained personal caregivers offer gentle, respectful service on both a live-in or hourly basis to ensure our clients are cared for on their terms. We also offer a number of unique services to ensure that our seniors still feel a sense of freedom about their appearance. We help them find pleasure in ensuring their personal care is properly maintained.

Our Personal Care Services

It’s not always easy to accept help completing the most basic of tasks. To make it easier for our clients to feel comfortable, we provide the in home care they need with professionalism and respect. With our services, we are dedicated to helping our clients maintain their:

  • Appearance
  • Health
  • Hygiene
  • Comfort
  • Satisfaction


Whether helping seniors complete all necessary bathing or simply being present to ensure they have help when they need it, we are able to ensure regular, proper hygiene.


No task is too small to make sure our clients feel presentable and neat. We can also arrange in home hair appointments and other services to meet the most scrupulous grooming standards.


Getting dressed every day can help seniors continue to feel more involved and maintain a greater sense of accomplishment. Our team can help dress and undress at any time of day.

Toileting & Incontinence Care

Our caregivers are able to respectfully help seniors use the facilities and care for incontinence. From transferring to and from commodes to more hands-on help, we’re happy to be of service.

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