Transferring Assistance

Senior Home Care Assistance

Being unable to move freely and complete daily tasks when and how you want to can be incredibly frustrating. The caregivers at Craig Cares are able to help the elderly transfer to and from furniture and complete daily exercises to improve mobility and balance. We have served the greater Sacramento area for over 15 years and ensure all our caregivers are thoroughly trained in the proper senior home care assistance and transfer techniques to avoid risks of injury and discomfort for our clients.

Ensure Future Mobility

When you or a loved one needs help with daily mobility and movement, you want help from someone you can trust. Craig Cares ensures that all our caregivers are highly trained, thoroughly screened, and full of patience. We always strive to lower the risk of injury or discomfort during moments of vulnerability that result from needing transfer assistance. We also form lasting relationships with our clients and are happy to discuss how we can improve quality of life for all seniors we serve.

Bed Transfers

Our senior home care assistance can help those who struggle or are completely unable to climb into and out of bed on their own.

Furniture Transfers

For more natural daily living, we can help seniors move throughout the home and change position and location on various pieces of furniture.

Commode Transfers

Our caregivers can help with daily hygiene and transfers to and from commodes as well as personal care for toileting and incontinence.

Hoyer Lifts

We provide thorough training to ensure our caregivers can properly operate hydraulic Hoyer lifts to ensure client safety and comfort during use.

Stand-by Assistance

To help improve balance, our team can encourage and help seniors with physical therapy and stand-by assistance, daily or as needed.

Exercise & Stretching

Exercise and stretching are vital to improve mobility and flexibility. Our caregivers can develop unique fitness plans and help clients complete daily routines.

Discuss Your Unique Needs

Contact us today to find out how Craig Cares can ensure you and your loved ones are able to maintain greater independence within the home with our personal care services.

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