Remote Monitoring

In the comfort of your own home


SensorSAFE is a system of passive monitoring using motion, open/closed, and pressure mat sensors. The sensors are strategically placed in the home to provide real-time information for the family and professional monitors. Our mission is to provide clients with an integrated care and technology solution in order to remain in their own home for as long as possible.

Sensor Signals

A variety of motion, open/closed and pressure sensors are placed in the home to monitor movement and activity. Our passive monitoring requires no action on the part of the client.

Monitoring Team

When an alert is received, the Monitor will first check on the client by phone and, if needed, dispatch help such as an on-call agency caregiver, family, loved one or emergency response.


Family or loved ones may choose to receive notifications of Alerts and Events.

Monitoring Made Easy

Dashboard – Quickly review Alerts and Events for your client or loved one

Professional Monitoring – Up to 24/7 professional monitoring available

Self Monitoring – Families may choose to monitor their loved one using our Family Monitor portal

Alerts and Activity in real time – Our Monitoring Team will respond to any of our customized Alerts

Alerts will include:

  • Stuck in bed or favorite chair
  • Period of no activity – fall detection
  • Frequency of refrigerator or toilet use
  • Door left open

Daily Activity Chart – view all sensor activity throughout the day using our Family Portal

Emergency response when needed – Our professional monitoring team will follow selected protocols and dispatch help including emergency services, if necessary

Request Information

Mrs. K

is an 87 year old woman who is living at home alone. At night, Ms. K has a caregiver as she tends to be unsteady on her feet and is at risk for falls. Sensors were installed to maintain her valued alone time and independence during the day. One afternoon, the Monitoring Team was alerted that she had been sitting in her recliner for longer than usual. She was having trouble getting out of her chair and needed help. Soon assistance was sent to help her out of her chair. Additional care was provided until she was feeling stronger.

Mr. B

is an 84 year old man who lives alone in his home. He needed 24 hour care. As an alternative to assisted living, Mr. B had sensors installed in his home. One evening, he left his bed and did not return for several minutes and there was no other motion detected in the house. The Monitoring Team called Mr. B to ensure that a fall had not taken place and found that he had fallen asleep on his bedside commode. The team stayed on the phone with Mr. B while he safely returned back to bed.

Mrs. R

lives at home and has been utilizing 24hour in-home care. The expense of this around the clock care was becoming too costly. By coordinating remote monitoring with daily hands-on care, SensorSAFE was able to save Mrs. R over $6500 per month - ensuring that she could remain safely in her home!

Mrs. S

is 82 years old and lives at home alone. During the day she has private caregivers to assist with a variety of needs. However, her out of town family is concerned for her safety at night. While Mrs. S was adamant about not having care at night, she agreed to add sensors in her home. One evening the Monitoring Team was alerted that there was no motion or pressure mat activity in the home and she did not answer her phone. A caregiver was deployed, entered the home and found Mrs. S had fallen in her living room. She was not injured and was helped back into her recliner. Her family received a notification of the incident.
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