Remote Monitoring

Our innovative motion sensor technology allows customized notifications and alerts if there is a change in routine or a safety concern. If something is out of the ordinary, alert notifications are sent and we will check in with the client to ensure that all is well. For instance, if your loved one is not in their bed or chair and there is no motion in the home, we will want to make sure a fall has not occurred. We can also determine if medications have been missed or a door to the home was opened at an odd hour in the night. This system is designed to help individuals stay safely and independently at home, without the need for constant hands on care. 


Custom Notifications Include:

  • Missed medication
  • Still in bed or chair
  • Has not returned to bed
  • Period of inactivity
  • Door opened at unusual hour
  • Panic and fall alerts
  • Intrusion and fire alerts
  • Caregiver has arrived
  • Door or window is left open

Success Stories

Mr. B, - Carmichael, California

Mr. B is 95 years old and lives alone in his Carmichael home. He has caregivers that assist him throughout the day with activities of daily living that include: bathing and dressing, assistance getting in and out of bed and out of his chair. His home care aides also help with meal preparation, housekeeping, transportation and errands. Mr. B wanted his privacy at night and felt he didn’t need around-the-clock hands-on care. As an alternative to assisted living, Mr. B allowed us to install the sensors into his home. One evening, the sensors detected that Mr. B left his bed and did not return for several minutes. The sensors also indicated that Mr. B had not left the bedroom and all motion has stopped. Craig Cares then called Mr. B to ask him if he was alright and ensure that he did not have a fall in the bedroom. Luckily, Mr. B answered the phone and stated that he had fallen asleep on his bedside commode. Craig Cares was able to stay on the phone with Mr. B while he safely returned back to bed. We hung up the phone and wished Mr. B a good night’s rest. 

Mrs. R, - Lincoln, California

Mrs. R lives alone in her Lincoln home. She originally had around-the-clock care in order to provide meals, light housekeeping and companionship. The caregivers were there throughout the night to provide safety and supervision. Round the clock care can cost over $15,000 per month. By integrating the remote monitoring, in addition to her daily hands-on care, we were able to save Mrs. R over $6,500 per month and ensure that she could remain safe at home.

Ms. K, - Rocklin, California

Ms. K is 90 years old and lives alone in her Rocklin home. At night, Ms. K tends to be unsteady on her feet and Craig Cares caregivers stay with her to assist with any toileting or ambulation in the overnight hours. However, during the day when she is more alert, she is much less of a fall risk. She truly enjoys her independence and enjoys spending her days alone. The sensor system remotely monitors Ms. K during the day to ensure that she is safe until her overnight caregivers arrive. One afternoon Ms. K’s remote monitoring system alerted Craig Cares that she had been sitting in her recliner for a much longer time period than usual. We called Ms. K and asked her if she was alright. She stated that she was having trouble getting out of her chair and she needed assistance. Within 17 minutes, Craig Cares was able to assist Ms. K out of her chair and temporarily add additional care until she was feeling stronger.

Mrs. S, - Roseville, California

Mrs. S is 95 years old and lives alone in her Roseville home. During the day, Mrs. S has private caregivers that her family has hired to assist her with meals, personal care, light housekeeping, shopping and errands. Her family who lives out of town was concerned about her safety at night. However, Mrs. S was adamant that she did not need overnight care. The remote monitoring system was an excellent compromise. By adding the remote monitoring system, Craig Cares was able to give Mrs. S’s family peace of mind. One evening, we noticed that Mrs. S was not sitting in her recliner as usual, and there was no other motion throughout the home. 16 minutes later, a Craig Cares representative entered the home and found Mrs. S had fallen in her living room. The Craig Cares representative checked Mrs. S for injuries and once it was determined that she was ok, she was helped back into her recliner, while her family was called and notified of the incident.