Our fall detection pendant is the most innovative pendant on the market! The cost is $99 per month with a $300 activation fee. The activation fee is waived for individuals who also sign on to receive hands on care from a Craig Cares caregiver! 


· Automatic fall detection works when loved ones can’t, or won’t push the button. 

· 2-way communication within the pendant means the client can always hear the emergency response representative no matter where they are. Volume can be adjusted for those who are hard of hearing. 

· GPS capabilities means your loved one can be found quickly in the event of an emergency, and the client does not have to be at home for the pendant to work. This encourages loved ones to stay active and family members still have peace of mind! 

· Web portal with activity tracking and GPS breadcrumbs provides family members with the ability to check on the whereabouts of their loved one at any time. Emergency responders are able to find your loved one quickly! 

· Can be worn as a necklace, on a belt clip, or carried in a pocket. 

For more information regarding this pendant please contact us!